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28-30 weeks is the best time for 3D imaging of baby’s face.
16-18 weeks is the best time for 2D/3D imaging of baby in there full length, particularly if you’d like to see them moving their arms and legs around. Gender can be attempted to be identified from 16 weeks onwards but the later the scan, the more accurate it is likely to be.

This is very dependant on the patient or more to the point, the baby. Some babies will have very prominent and obvious genitalia on display very early and others will keep their legs closed and have everyone guessing into the third trimester.

The way that gender is determined is by looking for the external genitalia…penis and scrotum for a little boy and the labia in a little girl. The testicles don’t begin their descent into the scrotum until 26 weeks or later which further adds to the difficulty of determining gender in some foetuses. Furthermore, up until 9 weeks gestation, the external genitalia in a boy and a girl are exactly the same.

In the 2nd trimester, it is rare that any sonographer can give 100% certainty as to a baby’s gender but in most cases some level of confidence is achieved.

Although gender can’t be guaranteed, we tend to get a good look at gender for most babies by late 16-17 weeks. 

  • No, a full bladder isn’t essential but it can be helpful for first and second trimester scans. If you would like to find out your baby’s gender around 16 weeks, a full bladder can help to move baby into a good position or if baby isn’t in a good position then emptying the bladder can be enough to get them to roll over.

No, you don’t need to fast.

No, Blayney Ultrasound is the only medical imaging practice in Central West NSW which offers 3D ultrasounds without a doctors referral.

No, because these 3D scans are purely for entertainment and are not diagnostic, they are not covered by Medicare or your private health insurance.

Diagnostic means to diagnose. If you go to the doctor and they give you a referral for an ultrasound, this is a diagnostic ultrasound. There is something the doctor wants to further investigate or confirm to aid in a diagnosis. After your scan, the images and sonographer’s report is read and interpreted by a Radiologist (specialist doctor) and a Radiologist’s report is sent to your doctor with the findings of your scan.

Yes, you can definitely have your ultrasound with us. As long as the referral is for an ultrasound and signed by a doctor, we can do it regardless of which radiology practice details are on the form.

You will need to fast for some ultrasounds. When booking your ultrasound, you will be told what preparation is required.

We have Afterpay available as a payment option for our 3D pregnancy ultrasound packages