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Blayney Ultrasound is proud to offer the ONLY 3D ultrasound service in Central West NSW that does not require a referral! All of our 3D scans are performed by a qualified sonographer who prides herself on superior image quality and patient care.

Our 3D scans are for entertainment purposes only and are not diagnostic. They do not replace your routine diagnostic obstetric ultrasounds that your doctor requests. As they are only for entertainment, they are not covered by Medicare or health funds.

When is the best time to have my 3D scan?

28-30 weeks is the best time for 3D imaging of baby’s face. 16-18 weeks is the best time for 2D/3D imaging of baby in their full length, particularly if you’d like to see them moving their arms and legs around. Gender can be attempted to be identified from 16 weeks onwards but the later the scan, the more accurate it is likely to be.

What is 3D/4D Ultrasound?

3D ultrasound uses the same sound waves as traditional ultrasounds but the information is processed in a different way. A special transducer is used for 3D ultrasounds which allow for more information to be recorded to create the image. A volume of data is recorded and can then be manipulated to allow baby to be seen. 3D is a still image.

 4D ultrasound refers to a 3D image but with the addition of the 4th dimension, time. 4D imaging allows us to watch baby move around in real time in 3D. 4D imaging is a 3D video.

Blayney Ultrasound has 3D packages to suit every budget:

$150 Package

15 minute appointment

USB with 10 2D/3D images

Gender (If requested and visible, over 16 weeks)

See and hear baby’s heart beating

$250 Package

30 minute appointment

USB with 30 2D/3D images

See and hear baby’s heart beating

Framed photo of baby

Guaranteed 3D face images

$350 Package

Both packages – 2 scans at different stages of your pregnancy

See baby grow between the two scans

See and hear baby’s heart beating

Guaranteed 3D face images

Save $50

Note: $50 surcharge on all packages for twins. Your appointment time and scan time will be increased to ensure we can have a good look at both babies. Make sure you let us know at the time of booking that you are having twins so the right appointment length can be allocated.

Our Gallery

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