Diagnostic scans are now available at Blayney Ultrasound!

What’s diagnostic ultrasound you may ask? It’s an ultrasound that your doctor refers you for. If you have a health issue that the doctor would like more information about, we can use ultrasound to further investigate the problem. The images and sonographer’s report is interpreted by a Radiologist (specialist doctor) who then writes a report for your doctor with the findings from the scan and possibly the suggestion of further imaging, referral to a specialist or pathology.

You will need a referral from your doctor for a diagnostic ultrasound. It doesn’t need to be on our stationary thought, we accept all referrals. Even those on the hospital or other private practice referral stationary.

You will also be eligible for a Medicare rebate on your diagnostic scan if you have a Medicare card and a valid referral.

We have after hours and weekend appointments too if you find it hard to get to a medical imaging practice during normal work hours.

There’s lots of ways to book. You can:

Call Blayney Ultrasound on 0263683401

SMS your referral and desired day and time to 0417653147

Or use the contact form to send through your booking request