I want to welcome you, introduce myself, the business, the blog and let you know what you might find here in the future.




I’m Katrina, the owner of Blayney Ultrasound and the Sonographer here.

I have a bachelor degree in Medical Imaging and a graduate diploma in Ultrasound. I have worked as a radiographer and sonographer at different practices around the area and currently still work 2 day/week as a sonographer at the West Wyalong Medical Centre.



The Business…

After moving to Blayney last year, I decided to open Blayney Ultrasound.

Initially I only intended to provide diagnostic ultrasound services to the Blayney community but ultimately decided to add non-referred 3D ultrasounds to the mix too.

At the moment Blayney Ultrasound is only offering 3D ultrasounds. The process for practice accreditation for Medicare rebates and the set up of the Radiology reporting system is long and complicated but we’re getting there. Hopefully we’ll be up and running with a full host of medical diagnostic ultrasound services in the next couple of months! I’ll post updates on that process here.

The Blog and Newsletter…

Speaking of updates, Blayney Ultrasound will soon have a mailing list for email newsletters. The newsletter will include Blayney Ultrasound news, information on new blog posts and different health tips, tricks and info. So keep an eye out and remember to sign up to it.

I get asked a lot of questions from patients everyday. So I decided to create a blog for Blayney Ultrasound as a way to answer them but also to share any news or exciting changes at the practice.


Some questions that I plan on covering in the future:

– What is ultrasound?

– Different examination, what we look at and why

– Different examination preparations and why they’re necessary

– Common pathologies that ultrasound is used to diagnose or assess

– Anatomy


This blog is for you, our patients. So if there is anything that you would like to see featured here, please send me a message on the website contact form or pop over to Facebook and get in touch.